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    ONEBYME. Gender fluid. Urban fashions.

    We engineer tailored garments from ONE piece of cloth to allow everyone the freedom to live, move and breathe in ONEBYME.

    We, Miles Dunphy and Elsa Ellies, met in our first year at the Royal College of Art in the MA Menswear Fashion Programme and presented our Graduate Collection as a Collective in June 2016.

    At initial glance, one could say we are polar opposites.

    Elsa, hand picked by Rick Owens to train with his team of innovative patterncutters in Concordia, Italy; and Miles, urban cool with explosive energy, obsessed with rhythm, movement and dance. ONEBYME is the collision of our two worlds and is a reflection of who we are as people.

    Although innovative design and the relentless pursuit for craftsmanship remains at the core of ONEBYME, we also believe it is imperative as Designers of the Future to consider the impact of our creative process.

    Imagine a world where fashion waste turns into food.

    That's the ONEBYME World.

    We place our fabric remnants into our Wormery. Our Wormery yields compost and from the compost, we grow food. We are the first urban luxury fashion brand to embrace a Circular Economy and begin to build new processes around the fashion cycle that is relevant to current times.

    Considered to be disruptive creative thinkers and the new generation of fashion designers, we are the first fashion brand to be selected by the Investment Committee at InnovationRCA to join their portfolio of innovative start-ups. InnovationRCA accelerates the process of building a profitable business through investment and mentorship.

    All garments are carefully crafted from our studio in London, with textiles knitted or woven specially for us by mills in the United Kingdom.

    ONEBYME is the birth of a new movement.